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About Victory Petroleum Trading

Established in 1986, Victory Petroleum Trading Pte Ltd is the largest floating kiosk operator in Singapore, refuelling the needs of customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our kiosks are scattered around Singapore Island, at popular locations such as Eastern Petroleum "B", Marina South, Pulau Ubin, West Coast and Tuas, and stocks are constantly replenished to ensure that fuel is available to our customers at all times.

To bring convenience to our customers, Victory also delivers fuel to all locations in Singapore.

Victory’s operation team has been with the Company since it was established, giving us the advantage of an experienced team to tackle the different operational challenges required for each supply.

To minimize time wastage, our vessels are fully equipped for mooring, hose connection and fuel handling operations.

Victory also offers leading brands of marine lubricants at our floating kiosks to offer convenience to our customers.

Victory Petroleum Trading is fully certified for bunkering services, and our achievements have also been recognized by independent bodies, leading to us being awarded the SME 500 award.

With our continuous commitment to service and quality, we strive to be the preferred supplier for all our customers.